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This area provides some free worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschooling families. Free stuff comes and goes! Sometimes new worksheets are added while others are removed. The free worksheets are still copyrighted but you are welcome to use them in the classroom or at home. Login or Register for a free account in order to download these worksheets.
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Marsupial Mole
Free worksheet about the marsupial mole. Great for Primary school teachers and homeschool parents. Login to download, free sign-up.
Ages 7-9
Learn about cubes. Maths worksheet to help you teach your students.
Ages 7-8
Space robots
A fun project to do with your students while teaching them about technology. Create your very own space robot!
Ages 6-8
Human Body
If you're teaching about the human body then this worksheet may help you with your existing curriculum.
K-1 worksheet
Fun art project for K-3 students while learning about symmetry.
Ages K-3
Free worksheet to help your students learn about the wombat. Add to your cart and download for classroom or homeschool use.
Ages 6-7
Children know about technology but do they understand where it comes from or how things are made? Include this worksheet into your existing lesson plan.
Ages 7-8
Free worksheet about the Australian dingo. For classroom and homeschool use.
Ages 7-8
Numbers 1-100
Counting and writing numbers 1-100 is a breeze with this resource. Login to your account, add to your cart, and download this freebie 2 page worksheet now!
2 Pages, ages 7-8
Subtraction worksheets for classroom or home use.
5 Pages, ages 8-9
How Many
Great little resource to help you teach your little ones mathematical concepts.
K-1 students
The Alphabet
Practice writing the alphabet with this worksheet for Kindergarten and Year 1 students.
Great worksheet to build upon mathematical addition skills for ages 7 to 9.
Ages 7-9
Improve reading and research skills with a little project about the Australian kangaroo.
Ages 7-9
Encourage students to write using this basic exercise. Nice little resource for classroom and home use.
K-1 resource
Don't get Sick! Teach children about germ with this handy free worksheet. Teach about food safety storage, preparation and more. Easily incorporate into your existing lesson.
Ages 8-9
Technology / Pollution
Incorporate this little gem with a project about technology and how it can cause environmental pollution.
Ages 10-11
Sugar Glider
Learn about the sugar glider, have a crack at measurement, and enjoy teaching about this wonderful little creature.
Ages 9-10
A basic spelling exercise where children need to recognize which words are not written correctly. Free resource for teachers and parents. Add to your cart, login if you haven't already and download from your account. Can't get any easier than that!
Ages 6-8
Great resource to help students understand numbers concept.
5 Pages, ages 7-8
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