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This area provides some BARGAINS for teachers, parents, and homeschooling families. Worksheets in the BARGAIN BIN come and go! Sometimes new worksheets are added while others are removed. Please remember that the BARGAIN BIN worksheets are still copyrighted!

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Human Body
If you're teaching about the human body then this worksheet may help you with your existing curriculum.
K-1 worksheet
Islands are great places to explore, especially if they are uninhabited. Many new treasures can be found on islands, not just any sort of treasure but things such as new species of wildlife and plants. Create an interesting project for your students using this worksheet.
1 Page
Improve reading and research skills with a little project about the Australian kangaroo.
Ages 7-9
Kindy Maths
Teach young students to count up to the number 5.
5 Pages
Kindy Sight Words
Kindergarten students learn to read and write with the help of memorizing Sight Words. Here is a resource with 50 most used sight words for Kindergarten students.
11 Pages
Learn about Frogs
Thematic unit to teach young students about different frog species and cane toads.

Includes worksheets, online resources for reading, researching, comprehension tests and collaborative projects.The thematic unit of frogs spans across the curriculum covering English, science, art, math, technology, and health. This resource can run over several weeks and is suitable and adaptable for different learning levels.

  • English - literature, research, creative writing, reading, comprehension, process and strategies.
  • Science - investigating scientifically, planning, conducting, processing data, evaluating, life and living.
  • Art - communicating art ideas, using art skills - techniques - technologies and processes.
  • Mathematics - using mathematical strategies, reason, apply and verify, measurement, number, collect and organize data.
  • Technology - interactive online activity using computer system techniques, internet.
  • Health - danger awareness, cleanliness.

Frogs theme unit also links to online learning and is quite extensive with many inter-activities and worksheets to choose from. Flashcards provide excellent reading opportunities before completing the interactivity. An online frog photo gallery leads to more reading, learning about tadpoles and the environment.
36 Pages
Learn about Japan
Learn about Japan worksheets can be used as an inclusion to your already prepared lesson plan or as a stand alone resource for students wanting to learn more about Japan.
9 Pages
Letter Search 1
Enjoy teaching students about all living things which rely on a healthy environment to survive with this fun worksheet. Water, sun and a clean place are essential ingredients for survival. Pollution can cause deformities, imbalances and death to all living things such as people, animals and plants.

Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.
2 Pages
Letter Search 2

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Did you know that bacteria form spores and that these spores are resting stages when normal life almost comes to a stop? They can also survive conditions that would kill most other living things.

2 Pages

Litter can be a real nuisance especially in terms of threats to native animals e.g. animals ingest plastic bags which block up their intestines and they then starve to death. Old string could get stuck around a bird’s foot, which cuts off the blood circulation and they may eventually lose their foot. Another example is plastic packaging getting caught around the neck of an animal, which could eventually strangle it.

We all need to help clean up our environment. There are many ways we can contribute to minimising the amount of litter we see around us. Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.
2 Pages
Marsupial Mole
Free worksheet about the marsupial mole. Great for Primary school teachers and homeschool parents. Login to download, free sign-up.
Ages 7-9

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Mosquitoes are known to transmit infectious diseases including malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. Did you know that only the female mosquito bites people and animals to feed from their blood? The male mosquitoes feed on plant juices.

Throughout the history of humans, the disease transmission caused by the female mosquitoes has killed thousands of people. Many mosquito species however do not transmit disease but instead play a very important role in our ecosystems, such as being a food source for various insects and frogs.

2 Pages
Noxious Weeds

A noxious weed is a weed that legally must be controlled or removed, as they could pose a problem to human health, the environment, livestock or the agricultural industry. Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.

2 Pages
Great resource to help students understand numbers concept.
5 Pages, ages 7-8
Numbers 1-100
Counting and writing numbers 1-100 is a breeze with this resource. Login to your account, add to your cart, and download this freebie 2 page worksheet now!
2 Pages, ages 7-8
Numbers 1-1000
Re-enforce numbers 1-1000 with these printables. Ten pages in total with 100 numbers covered on each worksheet. Simple exercise yet very powerful to encourage number pattern recognition, handwriting skills, and mathematical numbering.
10 Pages
Numbers 1-12
Numbers 1 to 12 printables to help teach Kindergarten students. For classroom and homeschool use.
12 Pages
Numbers 1-12 Ocean Theme
Stunning original hand drawn images grace these worksheets to help little ones grasp the concept of the numbers 1 to 12. Ocean theme based with different sea creatures depicted on each worksheet.
12 Pages
Poriferans are commonly referred to as sponges. There are approximately 5,000 living sponge species classified in the phylum Porifera. Did you know that Poriferans don't have mouths but instead have tiny pores in their outer walls through which water is drawn?

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2 Pages
Read and Write 1
Encourage reading and writing with a few worksheets that incorporate shapes as well. Great little resource for K-1 students. Save yourself time and money by using these ready-made worksheets.
5 Pages
Reading Writing Spelling

A very simple yet extremely effective learning exercise for those wanting to expand their vocabulary. Each page contains 60 words, 20 words per column. Total of 1440 spelling words are listed on this document. Follow the easy steps for a successful learning outcome in spelling, reading, writing and dictionary skills.

Also suitable for older students, adults or ESL students.

26 Pages

Revegetation is the process of re-establishing native plants back into their natural environment. Revegetation usually is done after an area as been disturbed e.g. after mining the area is re-planted. A lot of site preparation needs to be done before re-planting the native plants back into their local community, such as weed removal, water requirements, soil preparation and plant species needed.

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2 Pages
Sedge is a grass-like or rush-like plant which likes growing in wet places. They usually have solid stems, narrow grass-like leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers that usually look like brown seeds.

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2 Pages
Snake Fun Model
For students who confuse numbers and sums this may be a helpful fun project. It combines Maths and Art skills.
2 Pages
Soil PH

Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.

The term pH refers to a way of measuring how acidic (acid) or alkaline (base) a certain solution is. How acidic or alkaline a solution is depends on the relative concentration of just two ions, these ions are the hydrogen ion (H+) and the hydroxide ion (OH-).

If these two ions are found to be in equal concentrations in a solution then it is said to be neutral, fresh water in neutral.

If the concentration of hydrogen ions is greater than the concentration of hydroxide ions the solution will be acidic and if the hydroxide ions are greater than the concentration of hydrogen ions the solution will be alkaline (base).

pH is measured on a pH scale, which generally ranges from 1 through to 14.

Water, being neutral has a pH reading of 7; acids have a pH below 7 and alkaline have a pH reading of above 7.

2 Pages
Space robots
A fun project to do with your students while teaching them about technology. Create your very own space robot!
Ages 6-8
A basic spelling exercise where children need to recognize which words are not written correctly. Free resource for teachers and parents. Add to your cart, login if you haven't already and download from your account. Can't get any easier than that!
Ages 6-8
Subtraction worksheets for classroom or home use.
5 Pages, ages 8-9
Suburban Gardens

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Suburban ecosystems have a wide range of organisms living in them, such as herbivores, carnivores and decay organisms. Great resource for classroom and homeschool about suburban gardens.

2 Pages
Sugar Glider
Learn about the sugar glider, have a crack at measurement, and enjoy teaching about this wonderful little creature.
Ages 9-10
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