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This area provides some BARGAINS for teachers, parents, and homeschooling families. Worksheets in the BARGAIN BIN come and go! Sometimes new worksheets are added while others are removed. Please remember that the BARGAIN BIN worksheets are still copyrighted!

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Fun art project for K-3 students while learning about symmetry.
Ages K-3
Children know about technology but do they understand where it comes from or how things are made? Include this worksheet into your existing lesson plan.
Ages 7-8
Technology / Pollution
Incorporate this little gem with a project about technology and how it can cause environmental pollution.
Ages 10-11
The Alphabet
Practice writing the alphabet with this worksheet for Kindergarten and Year 1 students.
Truck Trouble

A simple yet very effective resource to challenge students' imagination. Encourages reading and can develop points of discussion if desired. Covers several learning outcomes in;

English: reading, writing, spelling, story reading comprehension, recognizing homophones, drawing conclusions, reasoning and arriving at one’s own opinion.

Mathematics: problem solving, money, percentages, fractions, basic shapes etc.

Art: develop 3D skills, proportion, using recycled materials.

Environment: recycling, waste, looking at environmental solutions.

Technology: develop Internet skills & investigations, total 20 pages.

Includes answer key.

19 Pages
Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl is the term given to urban areas which spread out over surrounding natural habitat and farmland. In Australia, urban sprawl usually occurs in the small suburban areas, because of cheap land and people’s expectations of wanting a better lifestyle or job opportunities.

Urban sprawl however causes environmental issues such as the destruction of wetlands and coastal dunes because coastal real estate is highly sought after. Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.

2 Pages
Much waste is produced everyday from just one household. Most of the waste humans produce gets taken to a landfill site for disposal. We can all help in reducing the amount of waste in several ways such as composting food scraps or re-using jars. Purchase student worksheet Now for classroom and homeschool use! Includes teacher note.
2 Pages

In most countries we receive clean drinking water, which comes into our homes through a set of pipes and then leaves as wastewater through another set of pipes called sewer pipes. All the wastewater flushed or drained from our homes and businesses must be treated so that it can be safely recycled back into the environment.

When the wastewater arrives at the treatment plant, the water by a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes is then treated so the water is less harmful and can be used again in the environment.

Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.

2 Pages

Introduced weed species can cause major problems to our natural environment. Many of our parks and reserves are established to conserve and preserve natural environments, so a weed is classed as any unwanted plant that is not native in that environment. Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.

2 Pages

Wetlands are important for a number of reasons, they play a very important role in the regulation of river flow as they filter out any pollutants and fertilizers. They also make a great habitat for plants, birds, frogs, insects etc.

Many valuable wetlands have been destroyed in the past, because people didn’t realize how important they really were. Wetlands are being protected now in most parts of the world and damaged ones are being restored. Some benefits of wetlands include:

  1. Wildlife habitat for birds, frog’s etc.
  2. Wetland filter out pollution to make the water pure (pollution control)
  3. Tourism – people visit wetland sanctuaries for pleasure and learning

Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.
2 Pages
Free worksheet to help your students learn about the wombat. Add to your cart and download for classroom or homeschool use.
Ages 6-7
Did you know that there are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms? Worms are decomposers; this means that they break down rotting or decaying matter such as food scraps and plant material. Purchase student worksheet Now! Includes teacher note.
2 Pages
Encourage students to write using this basic exercise. Nice little resource for classroom and home use.
K-1 resource
Year 1 Maths
Excellent maths worksheets covering addition, roman numerals, fractions, and logical thinking.
12 Pages
Year 1 Sight Words
Highly Recommended! Year 1 Sight Words will help students memorize their most used words when reading and writing. Great resource which has proven results. You not only get Year 1 sight words but a list of Kindergarten Sight Words to help with some revision work for those children who need this.
23 Pages
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