A collection of English worksheets to help busy Kindergarten teachers and parents with their daily task of teaching their young ones.
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A-Z alphabet
Print the 26 letters of the alphabet in black & white for young learners in Kindergarten to recognize their letters and color in the letters and pictures. Lovely, easy resource to help you teach the alphabet.
26 Pages
ABC Flashcards
Print these ABC and Numbers 1-24 flash cards to help your Kindergarten student learn. Use as a quick reference for your child to play with, hang on the wall or shuffle on the floor and play a game of letter and number pick-ups.
15 Pages
Full Alphabet
Teaching the alphabet is fun with some extra help using these worksheets. Children learn best while their little hands are busy and this resource delivers just that! Give them a head start with this 26 page document.
26 Pages
Kindy Sight Words
Kindergarten students learn to read and write with the help of memorizing Sight Words. Here is a resource with 50 most used sight words for Kindergarten students.
11 Pages
Read and Write 1
Encourage reading and writing with a few worksheets that incorporate shapes as well. Great little resource for K-1 students. Save yourself time and money by using these ready-made worksheets.
5 Pages
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