Teach Kindergarten students Maths with these worksheets. Great resources for busy teachers and parents.
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Numbers 1-12 Ocean Theme
Stunning original hand drawn images grace these worksheets to help little ones grasp the concept of the numbers 1 to 12. Ocean theme based with different sea creatures depicted on each worksheet.
12 Pages
ABC Flashcards
Print these ABC and Numbers 1-24 flash cards to help your Kindergarten student learn. Use as a quick reference for your child to play with, hang on the wall or shuffle on the floor and play a game of letter and number pick-ups.
15 Pages
Kindy Maths
Teach young students to count up to the number 5.
5 Pages
Numbers 1-12
Numbers 1 to 12 printables to help teach Kindergarten students. For classroom and homeschool use.
12 Pages
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