Combination of worksheets covering several learning outcomes e.g. english, maths, art, technology, health, science, languages, society & environment.
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Animal Tracks

There are several different ways you can use when trying to identify animal species. There are two different ways of observing animals; these are directly and indirectly.

Direct observation of animals is a good way of identification, because you can study their behavior, appearance and record their location where you spotted them.

Indirect observation is done by finding and identifying the animal’s tracks such as bones, hair, fur, feathers, scales, scats (pooh) etc. It is always a good idea to make a sketch of the things students find.

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Bird Identification

A worksheet to help students learn about birds and identify some common species found in and around the school yard or at home. Purchase student worksheet Now!

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If you are teaching about animations then this activity is a gem. Students create a small flip-book to help them understand how animations are made, frame by frame.
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Global Warming
Global warming refers to the increase in the Earth’s temperature, which then causes changes in the climate. Global warming is caused by human activities such as the release of carbon dioxide and other air pollution into the atmosphere, which then collects in the atmosphere like a blanket, blocking out the sun's heat, therefore causing the planet to warm up. The gases released into the atmosphere are referred to as the greenhouse gases.

There are many ways students can reduce global warming pollution such as using renewable energy like a wind generated farm, instead of burning up more limited fossil fuels such as coal for electricity.

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Islands are great places to explore, especially if they are uninhabited. Many new treasures can be found on islands, not just any sort of treasure but things such as new species of wildlife and plants. Create an interesting project for your students using this worksheet.
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Learn about Japan
Learn about Japan worksheets can be used as an inclusion to your already prepared lesson plan or as a stand alone resource for students wanting to learn more about Japan.
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Many school camps include canoeing these days so here is a document to help students understand canoeing and the paddling strokes involved.
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Learn what is in an egg such as the shell, shell membrane, chalaza, albumen (egg white), germ spot, yolk (egg yellow), and air chamber. Fantastic worksheet about eggs which is very challenging for most! Includes your teacher note.

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