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Ages 5-6

Pages 61
Extra teacher help notes, outcome statements, 36 extra suggested curricula activities included besides the worksheets, alphabet and number charts, 50 suggested bible passages to read (your own bible is required for this).

Young students will thrive using these more advanced worksheets while building upon alphabet and number skills.

English: Develop communication skills, Develop listening skills, Respond to basic instructions, Develop skills in viewing, reading and writing letters and text.

The Arts: Communicating and developing basic art ideas, Responding and implementing basic art skills and techniques, Develop colour and shape recognition, Explore and develop personal creativity.

Mathematics: Working with and understanding basic mathematical numbers and concepts, Reason and use mathematical strategies, Develop basic knowledge of shapes, Develop basic knowledge of number patterns, Develop skills in addition and subtraction.

Science: Develop a basic understanding of scientific facts, Investigate life and living.

Society & Environment: Develop basic skills in investigation, Develop basic skills in communication, Develop basic skills in participation.

Technology & Enterprise: Develop simple technology process ideas in investigating, devising and producing.

Health & Physical Education: Understand basic concepts for a healthy lifestyle, Develop fine motor and movement skills, Understanding and development of basic self-management and interpersonal skills.

Pages: 61
Format: eBook pdf

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