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ages 6-7

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Title: Teaching Treasures Workbook with Christian Content

Description:  Young students will expand their knowledge using these more advanced worksheets while building upon ideas, skills, techniques and processes within the learning areas of English, Maths, Art, Science, Technology, Health Education, Languages other than English (LOTE) such as French and Japanese, and Society and Environment (SOSE). Cover colour mixing, basic colours and how to make a colour disc within the art area as well as symmetrical drawing of a skeleton and labeling body parts covering contextual understanding during this process.

Improve student alphabetical ordering skills, story reading and comprehension while learning about worms or rhyming words. Build vocabulary skills and improve spelling while learning about health of individuals & populations and personal hygiene issues such as washing hands. The mathematical components cover calculators, clock reading, time, measurement, numbers, reasoning & strategies, space, shape, simple fractions and percentages, and problem solving. Leaf insects, frogs, bees, the sun, importance of trees and minibeast are just some of the topics covered within the biological science area. Enhance student knowledge about the African, Australian and South American continents as well as discover some communication methods used in the Technology information, materials and systems area.

Comes complete with extra teacher help notes, answer keys, outcome statements, extra suggested curricula activities complementing the worksheets, 50 suggested Bible passages to read (your own Bible is required for this).

Pages: 107

Format: eBook pdf

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