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Expand student knowledge while building upon ideas, skills, techniques and processes within multiple learning areas. They will discover rainbow colors, shapes, why recycling is necessary and how to use recycled materials within art projects.

They will learn about nouns, verbs and homophones, mathematical concepts in numbers and problem solving. Build upon listening, speaking, reading, writing with these cross curricula worksheets.

Discover facts and figures, collect data and formulate ideas to come to an understanding of the topic they are learning about. Cover health education with movement and physical activities, diet and eating habits, and health of individuals and populations.

Within the maths area the student will improve their skills in chance and data, statistics, mathematical thought processing and problem solving. The history of rabbits in Australia and their environmental impact, investigating penguins, learn about eggs, unusual animals, Venus fly trap and the Rafflesia are a great way to advance a students' knowledge within the biological science area. Geography covers the economy, history, information, materials, and systems.

Contains additional teaching notes, answer keys, and extra suggested curricula activities complementing these English and Maths worksheets.

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