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Environment Issues

Student Worksheet for Classroom or Homeschool Covers:

Industrial pollution
such as smog is a type of air pollution consisting mostly of a mixture of sulphur dioxide. The suspended droplets of sulphuric acid are formed from some of the sulphur dioxide, and a variety of suspended solid particles.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is poisonous to (air-breathing) humans and animals and is formed during the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels.

Urbanization is formed when a large number of people move into a city area, often caused by natural increase (more births than deaths) and by immigration, mostly from rural areas.

A bushfire is a wild fire in the bush, scrub or forest, either deliberately lit or started by accident such as by lightning.

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Environmental Issues

This Gem comes Highly Recommended!

Learn about fruit structure and the effects of global warming. Collect information and formulate data about greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Learn about site preparation such as weed removal, water requirements, soil preparation and plant species needed.

Learn about soils, suburban ecosystems, direct and indirect observations of animals in the local environment, waste, weeds and wetlands.

Discover environmental issues with your students and improve knowledge in issues such as atmosphere, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, lead, ozone, air pollution, smog, environmental effects, health, and personal danger.

Learn about bacteria, Biotic and Abiotic factors, bird identification, and Eutrophication which occurs when water bodies such as lakes, estuaries and slow-moving streams receive excess nutrients, which in turn stimulates excessive growth of algae and other nuisance plant weeds.

Includes teaching notes and answer key.

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Science Skills

Enjoy Science Skills with many topics to discover such as pneumatic's, reflexes, tsunami, hurricanes, bacteria, enzymes, krypton, jade etc. Crossword puzzles, questionnaires, discovery research worksheets and more.

No teacher or parent should be without this wonderful resource to encourages children into learning areas they didn't know existed. Provide a challenge and get the inquisitive mind provoked to the max!

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Society & Environment

WoW  ......   What a Challenge!

Let those brains rip into this and watch general knowledge soar sky-high. Not for the fainthearted but an absolute wonderful resource to tease the brain and challenge your students.

Learn about countries, places, rivers and locations. Improve research skills, atlas and mapping skills, geographical, environmental, scientific and general knowledge. Students will learn to recognize what information is required and they will learn how to locate and obtain the relevant information from a wide range of resources such as the Internet, dictionary, encyclopaedia, world fact book, and other resource books.

Includes answers and outcome statements.

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